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ex friends and their phones [22 Oct 2008|07:47pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Ok so I wont call or hardly text a friend back because she is using an ex friends phone and anything I say on said phone will get back to ex friend,and so I told my friend who is rooming with the ex friend I wont call that phone or text to that phone (in which I HAD to text her on)and tell her that if you want to talk with me go to a pay phone and call me I'd gladly pick it up. but she wont do that I told her that last month and just now. I'm not being a bitch I'm being real about it. She chose her 20 year old crazy boyfriend over family after the fact the mother threw him out not her but she went with him anyway.
And is now living with said ex friend because I wont let that asshole live in my house, not after the shit he did,he just freaks me out, one morning when I was staying with her and I was asleep on the sofa in the den he was standing over me starring at me and i woke up slowly feeling I was in a horror movie, I felt around for something to defined myself with as i cracked my eyes open seeing WHO was standing over me and it was him. I was in half sleep and thinking of hurting this person. but yeah friendships have gone way out the damn window, and so I have no real friends.

and yet some are looking at me like I'm the bad one for being real about things.
There isn't anybody here that would care what happened to me except my family and one 'girl' friend Charity,this state doesn't need me. I don't have a job been looking for one for months no car no way to pay medic bills. and will is going to boot at the beginning of the year, so for that I'm just waiting so I can get the hell out of here. so Will and I can start over somewhere after he gets out of boot,or something close to that.

I had to go to the health dept yesterday and they wouldn't give me any BC (birth control)
because I wouldn't want to go the other drs. appointment to make sure I was up to date on not having cervical cancer , which I don't the nice geeky dr. said so(yes a geeky Dr.)
but that went well. Spent a whole morning running around the medical mall trying to find out where I was to be after the 3 try we go there and had the appointment taken care of. I have two months of BC but need to get more, damn 22 clause can't get BC if I don't keep up other appointments with other drs.
I need a part time or something just so I can get my medical bills paid.

(small book sorry)

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Look what's new [30 Oct 2004|08:08pm]
This journal is now....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


My Hell-o-ween costume [25 Oct 2004|11:52pm]
[ mood | calm ]

This is my hell-o-ween costume yay I'm going to to lady Juliet

TTFN again


YAY!!!! [25 Oct 2004|11:30pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I now own a HIM CD *dances around* I didn't take a good cam picture of it but it's the HIM deep shadows and brillant highlights cd ^^

I just love it

I also watched Van Helsing to night I loved it it was a cool movie...thats on the I'm going to buy it when i have more money list ^^.
I also have 2 new books *YAY!!* The last of the Mohicans and An Anita Blake, Vampire Novel book 1 in the series
went and saw a friends house he is going to buy... looks cool
I had a good day...

this has been a very good day.


Song of the moment [24 Oct 2004|12:24pm]
[ mood | calm ]

a song by Saliva

sounds a bit rightCollapse )

and there youi have it....

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Nice way to wake up?........NOT! [24 Oct 2004|08:48am]
[ mood | awake ]

I woke up to the sound of someone yelling .... Go figure It was my fater going off about something....which was the bottom step of out back porch :/...
Some how the person that is staying with us took off the bottom step with his truck... I don't think that was a nice way to wake up I thought i was dreaming..... Wasn't .....so now i'm awake again at and early hour.....

*sigh* oh welll


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Raining [23 Oct 2004|09:00pm]
My Fears come with the rain to night bulding up ....
Fears standing alone in a cradowed place screaming like a lost child
Fears of not being held standing in the grayness between light and dark..
oh well these things are just fears they'll disappear with my sleeping mind.
where I have no dreams but beauitful nothingness.

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o look another picture [22 Oct 2004|10:21am]
[ mood | creative ]

Here is my latest Pictcure

A lonely girlCollapse )

Tell me what you think



WTF! [22 Oct 2004|08:14am]
[ mood | awake ]

OK here I am I'm awake and i am not pleased about this....
I was sound asleep in my nice little dream world ..learning something form some one...all I remember now Is purpel wings *grr* and i forgot all the info i was getting.....All because Some one had to freakin' call at 6 this morning scearing me half to death.. and riping me from my nice dream...*glears...NEXT time someone calls at 6 inthe morning...they better be dying!* I was so close to picking up the phone and screaming *what the HELL!! ,you know what damn time it is?*
I AM SOOOOOO not a early MORNING person....

Ok thats my rant this morning.....(can I go back to bed now?, *looks around,sighs* guess not..)



something [22 Oct 2004|01:10am]
[ mood | creative ]

how i feel at times..........

some of the lines sond like me ....at times.....

a songCollapse )<lj-cut

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ART!! [21 Oct 2004|07:36pm]
[ mood | creative ]

here is a painting i did :)

sea picture Read more...Collapse )

PLEASE Tell me what you think THANK YOU

lol TTFN

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my drug :)) [21 Oct 2004|07:12pm]
[ mood | silly ]

ok this is my drug :))

MY DRUGCollapse )
I love them they are soooooooo goood yum

lol END


ooh look a picture :)) [21 Oct 2004|12:56am]
[ mood | creative ]

just a bit on the art side something I drew :)) Make that 2 somethings I drew
ARTCollapse )



upon the shadows [20 Oct 2004|11:51am]
[ mood | curious ]

Had a dream last night i was talking to someone in the shadows,a man..but i couldn't see him very well,I don't remember what we where talking about...oh well if it was importan i'll remember later...it's prob. cause it wasn't time to remember....

had a weird feeling something wrong is going on ...i'll find out if i'm right or wrong.

for now



woosh..... [19 Oct 2004|11:20pm]
[ mood | good ]

Ok I'm home had that picnic it was cool just a bit hot today and so i went and stuck my feet into the Rez. and let my feet dip into the cold water.so nice.
Listened to a few tapes and tried to draw but nothing came to mind so I just colored a few of my old drawings. worked out ok...
I have a new book yay! thanks to one of my guys :D

so i had a full day which was good... thinking of getting 2 of my costumes made which i wont say which 2 till i have them both made. which right now i have lost my train of thought and will post later

END for now


^_^ [19 Oct 2004|10:27am]
[ mood | calm ]

Going go have a picnic today with a few people i know ^^
It's going to be a blast.. I had fun yesterday, took a few pictures of theresavor reminded me of the Sea I miss the Sea I haven't been since i was 14 and had been visiting my Grandpaw, he took me to the sea at early morning when it was still cold and the fog was lingering around It was beautiful... Wish I could do that again..I pretened I was a lady of great power and just stroll a bit near the eage of the water bank till my grandpaw said it was time to go.. be cause he was so sick he couldn't take me again..that was alright thou. I have the memory and thats good enough for me.

Thinking of taking some music or a poetry book ^^. I love to read poetry and I think I might read some out loud to my friends :D....hopeing it dosen't rain.
Damn! It's raining :(


oh well anyway a Cut O.o don't read if you are a bit offended by voices..

faded..Collapse )


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HIM Wallpaper [16 Oct 2004|08:12pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Here is a wall paper i did of HIM

HIM Back groundCollapse )

hope you like all you HIM Fan ENJOY ^^


Bored NOW [15 Oct 2004|11:39am]
[ mood | bored ]

Blah I'm bored here is a pictre i did :)) it's a duck



The fair [12 Oct 2004|10:33pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I just got back from the fair With my friend casey and her little Bro.
we walked around for a while had french fries, drinks and her little bro had a fried candy bar...
I rode on the giant fairies wheel *shivers* I wouldn't look down i saw the tops of the trees and the sky and I said out loud The trees are pretty and the sky is nice *very sceard of heights* then my face paled I rode the starship 3000 and the tilt a whirl 3 times... I wanted to take an old timey picture but i wanted to take one with my William. I got a stuffed frog from the game called rainbow toss and it cost only 25 cents. I had a blast at the fair Only wish I had more money... but that cool I had fun anyway.

Here is a picture of my new stuffed frog Leeroy *laughs* I named him after a guy I met he seemed cool.



Bored [07 Oct 2004|10:52pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Sitting here eatting SweetTarts that look like little hearts,
I saw My friend Ian's Little girl tonight pretty little thing..
I bent my head into his truck and she clambed over the set and right into my arms, I held her and rubed her back, She was very sleepy. I felt happy tho for some reason, I didn't mind i rather enjoyed it. Ian even gave me a hug...Must have looked like i needed it :)) almost fell into a depresson, not fun.

The candy hearts are going away slowly....I'm still bored.
ah well I'm setting here listening to Clanned an irish band...


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